Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Volume Twenty-One

Hi everyone.
It's getting really close to Thanksgiving! I am definitely excited about it just because I love holidays that bring the family together. This year my mom and brother and I decided to do something different because my family didn't really talk about what was going to happen for Thanksgiving so instead of everyone getting together like we normally do at my grandma's, we will actually be doing a food challenge at a ramen place called Hakata Noodle in Rosemead where you have to 6 sets of noodles and can only get more actual soup once, for $10. If we make it we'll get a $50 gift card, a tee shirt and a full stomach! If you live in/around Rosemead you should definitely go because it's great food and it'll be pretty awesome. It actually sounds like a super weird thing to do for Thanksgiving but that's what we're doing. Then on Black Friday, we'll be doping something more festive by having a smaller version of the typical Thanksgiving dinner. My mom's going to make chicken and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, my brother is going to make a pecan pie and I'll be making a Boston cream pie and drinks for us. Our days are all mixed up. Of course, just because I'm doing this dinner on Black Friday does NOT mean I won't be going out to find something to buy! I love going out and finding something great for super cheap. This year should be fun. . .
What do you have planned for the holiday?
Okay so off the festive stuff and on to something new. . . so I was having a conversation with my friend about last names and how certain first names go really well with a certain last name (i.e.: John and Smith) and she told me that either Ramirez or Rodriguez suited me the best. When I told Enzo he sounded sad so I asked why. His response: Babe, if your a Rodriguez or Ramirez, that means you won't be a Calvo so you won't be my wife. That made me smile and I just wanted to go kiss him and hug him forever.
Well I've actually been putting off starting on an important report for history class so I have to go do research but don't forget to spread the word about this blog, follow me, leave a comment or send me an email. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Friday, November 9, 2012

Volume Twenty

Hey everyone! Daniela back, obviously! Well sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I was super busy since my mom had a horrible headache and I had to focus on making her feel better, which she didn't. She's better today though and tomorrow she'll be going out near LA for a co-worker's 50th birthday, he doesn't even look 40 so it was really weird to find out he's turning 50. . . anyways that'll be fun for her and of course that means I get the house to myself so. . . PARTY TIME!! Just joking, I'm actually not a huge party animal I'm more the type to stay home and watch movies and eat ice cream, mostly cause I have no real life and people I know are bad at making plans so it's just easier to do what I want I guess. I might go and meet up with some friends on Saturday thou and go to the movies to see The Perks of Being A Wallflower since I love Emma Watson and that movie just looks like it'll be funny and heartfelt and just all around like a good movie. Hopefully I can go see it and if not then hopefully I'll be able to have a friend come over Saturday instead.
Since it's a three day weekend I have to spend at least one day at home, watching Holiday movies, eating chocolate and drinking either hot chocolate or coffee while curled up on the couch with Enzo!!
It'll be nice to relax and have some time to just savor the Holiday feeling.
So for those Twi-hards out therer who can't wait to se the final installment of The Twilight Saga, I'm putting a video below that shows you how to talk like Kristen Stewart, in case you ever wanted to look spastic and uncomfortable and all around akward when you go see the movie. You never know, there could be a movie scout there looking for another Kristen Stewart type to play a role in another upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. I mean if she can get discovered for twitching and brething heavily and unnecesarily throughout a movie, so could you.
Tell me that's not exactly what she does!!! All jokes aside, I will be at the movies watching this next friday with my Tia Anna and we're both Robert Pattinson fans so Team Edward (he's my husband)!
In other non-twilight news, I'm wondering how many of you went and checked out that bad lip reading video from Wednesday and saw some of their other clips. Let me know what you thought of those videos or of this "tutorial" on how to talk like K-Stew. (best of luck)
Well I have to get going, also I'm considering writing songs again and possiby posting the lyrics on here for you to rate. Let me know if I should in an email or comment. I might even do some sort of make-up tutorial on YouTube. . . Again comment or email me. Spread the word and follow me and comment below. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Volume Ninteen

Hey everyone! So as you should all know, yesterday was election day. Obama won. Hopefully those who could vote, did so, and for those who can't yet vote, well we really couldn't do much but bite our nails and hope for the best.
In other news, 'cause I for one am so over the politics already. . . I am currently at the library trying my best to contain my laughter while watching this video. I know it's kind of dumb and some of you might not find it as funny as I do but in all honesty I'm fairly easy to make laugh and I laugh at corny/dumb stuff so that explains why the man sitting next to me is staring at me like I'm a special kid eating glue farting in the corner. . . I have no idea what that would really look like but ya he's looking at me funny. . . I'm disturbing the peace in the library. . . YAY! A GOAT.... If you didn't click the link and see the video that joke was wasted on you, scroll and click the link and watch the video. If you saw it and aren't laughing then I suppose you and I just don't have the same sense of humor. But if you saw it and liked it I definitely recommend some of their other videos because they do a pretty good job and their funny!!
In other, non-ridiculous news. . . Enzo finally got his phone and we can finally text. He's so sweet. He worked longer shifts and everything so he could get it back sooner then we initially planned.
Well today hasn't brought anything new except for the fact that. . . well Romney isn't in office so today hasn't brought anything new at all. Now I'm not sure if i posted or not but a little while ago my mom and I were told that we actually couldn't buy a house yet because our old house in Florida went into foreclosure and we have to wait until 2013 in order for to get a new home. The law says that you can't buy a new property until 3 years after the  previous property went into foreclosure. BOOM Real Estate lesson for all you suckers!!
Well I'm out of things to ramble about so I'm going to wrap this up now. . . remember to spread the word and follow me. LOVE YOU! XOXO hugs and kisses.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Volume Eighteen

Hello beautiful people of earth!
Hope everybody had a fun Thursday, recovering from all the craziness of Halloween right? By that I mean, the sugar rush and excitement of course ha ha. Well today was a fairly stressful day for me because I'm sick, I'm barely getting any sleep and to top it off I had this huge exam in anatomy. If anyone out there has had or is taking anatomy, you know/will know what I'm talking about. It's a huge test where you have to see a bone and name what bone it is and the different parts of that bone, it's hard and scary because since it's anatomy, it's a big piece of your grade to know the bones. After all it is the basics of anatomy ha ha. Other than that huge stresser the day wasn't bad. It was a very close friends birthday today so of course, happy birthday to him: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEON!!!
I have a question for everyone: Whats your best birthday memory? Leave it as a comment or email it to me.
I've been listening to this group called MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS lately and Marina is a great singer. She's welsh but she has songs in English. She is my newest musical obsession and her songs have a really upbeat tone to them and shes very different in my opinion because her songs aren't just "get up and dance" they're the type of songs where you can dance and then sit down and hear all the meaning in her words and understand why the songs has the tone and sound that it does. It's very multi-layered which I totally love. Even her look is different and I'm not talking different colored wig everyday and crazy outfits, I'm talking she has a different style all together. She has this gorgeous semi-blond hair, i say semi because well she has really dark roots and she lets them grow out. you can see it is one of her videos while as other videos her hair is dark brown/ black. she has a cute wardrobe and does her makeup differently but putting a heart on her upper left cheek. the reason: "Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat" those are her lyrics to a really catchy song of hers called "How to be a Heartbreaker." Here's her video for that song:
See the heart? Kinda hard to miss huh? lol well she is my latest obsession and that song is super catchy to me and I think it's kind of funny and cute and well there's allot of cute shirtless guys in the video so ya bonus points to Marina ha ha. If your wondering what the lyrics are for any part here they are! I hope you'll check out more of her songs and maybe she can be the song you have on repeat :)
This coming Saturday is the day I throw my aunt her surprise party and we celebrate my brother's 21st birthday. We're going to have absurd amounts of food and fresh waters and of course, being the sweet girl I am, I'll be making some delicious chocolate cupcakes that both my aunt and my brother love. I'll take pictures and will actually put them on here for a change lol. Well I have to go so I can look up more information on my next school :) Come back soon and spread the word about this blog please! SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Volume Seventeen

Hey everyone! So sorry I've been lagging on you lately, but I have a good reason! Recently my mom and I have been trying to find a house and it's super stressful and just all around complicated right now. It's been hard on us since we want to get out of the apartments we're in now but fortunately we've not only found the exact area we want to live in,but we've looked in to my new school and we're going to be looking at more houses. . .  not sure if that's good or bad. . . depends on your P.O.V. I guess. Anyways other than house hunting. . . I have been super busy, between school, practicing for our show, trying to fit in time for friends and dealing with the beau, I've barely had a moment to myself, let alone to blog ha ha.
Well as some of you know, it was mine and Enzo's year anniversary the 10th which was nice we just got on skype for a bit, dorky and lame to some but hey it's the best we can do for now so it was actually pretty romantic because if you read a previous post, you know the mistake I made awhile back, you also know that because of that I've obviously lost Enzo's trust, totally understandale but he's been great. He and I had really long talks about it and after about a week of this, we we're better and while I'm still trying to earn his trust, we're managing to stay together and be happy. (Hooray for Love!!)
Well it's also Halloween today!! Let me know if you dressed up as anything in a comment below. I went to school today as a greaser and if Imay say so. . . the look actually really suits me.
                            What do you guys think?
                                             I know same pose.. haha I like it...

                                              I'm just in dance waiting to see if were going to practice...

In the second picture I'm with my friend Brandon and in the last one my friend Nadine just stumbled her way in to the pic but she looks funny so I kept it ha ha.
Oh also I'm going to be starting at a new school, does anyon ehave any advise for me. what to do/not do? wear? say? etc.? haha Let me know how you survived starting a new school or entering a new school .like Jr. High to High school or anything like that. Email it to me or comment it below.
I'm all over the place today, my post went from apologizing to Enzo to Halloween to pictures of me as a greaser to school ha ha. Sorry guys I'm getting sick and have only gotten a few short hours of sleep these pst few days :(
Well that's all for today but before I go I have some good news: since I'll be moving my mom will finally be getting me internet. . .  and a new laptop cause mines' broken ha ha and then I'll be able to post everyday for you. Please spread the word about my blog. i really love writing these entries and want to establish a great blog and get to know my followers. You can always ask/suggest something for me in a comment or email. Check out your new video fix in the side bar and come back soon. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Volume Sixteen

Hey everyone. So Happy Wednesday to all my beautiful romantics! Hope you had a fun day. So I have a random thought today. . . What song best describes you? Comment it below. I ask this because, well I like to ask random questions like that and also because I asked someone what song best described me in their opinion and in all honesty I was surprised by their answer because the song is very sad and has a very dark meaning. . . no sure what that means towards me. . .
In other news, were finally in October, even if the weather disagrees it's fall!! (Hooray for Autumn!) in just 7 days, it'll be mine and Enzo's one year anniversary!! (even more Hooray) I've finally decided on the song for his video and I'll be recording it this weekend with my sister Nickki. That actually leads me to another question, does anyone know about a good movie making software/app?? Let me know please, much appreciated.
I'm also excited because today I'm going to start to teach myself German and my brother starts teaching himself Japanese. It's supoosed to be harder becasue we don't have a teacher but we're both pretty fast learners and we catch on fairly easily so hopefully we'll both be able to understand and actually learn to speak another language. I'm super excited about it though and can't wait to start speaking German. Then I'll know four languages. After we learn our language we're going to switch so he'll learn German and I'll learn Japanese then we'll move onto new languages. Our next one will be Italian and maybe Chinese, still undecided.
Well that's about all for today but I'll try and post again tomorrow for everyone. Bye Lovelies :) don't forget to follow, spread the word, and comment down below or email me! SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Volume Fifteen

Hey Everyone! I'm back.
Sorry I'm getting kinda bad at posting more huh? Well in all honesty, these past few days I've just been a little depressed. You guys know that mistake I made a while back with Deaven, well like I said before I can't keep things like that from people. So I told Enzo and today we broke up. I'm heartbroken of course and I know that it's really my own doing but it still hurts. Which of course leads me to a question: What do you do after a break-up? Let me know in a comment or an e-mail.
In other news, it was my friend Rachel's birthday on Tuesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!! We might meet up this weekend with the old gang from middle school and go to the drive-in and spend the weekend together. It should be very fun and I'm super excited and hopeful that everything works out how we want. :)
Well I actually have nothing more to say for today, cause I'm down, but I promise I'll have something more for tomorrow but dont forget to comment, follow, spread the word, LOVE on todays post. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Volume Fourteen

Hey hey hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday. Mine was pretty hectic at school today. Started out rushing to get ready in the morning, nearly falling asleep in my first class because I stayed up late last night trying to finish homework (keyword : trying, I didn't. . . I fell asleep on the desk. . .) then had to take a crazy amount of notes in my 2nd class then had a lot of new things to learn in Dance cause our coach was trying to make it look better, so all of the next class I was trying to make my way through 4 big flow charts for anatomy and finish a 2 page essay for my math class. . . which just so happened  to be the next class. Then, of course, with my luck, we had an exam in math and I barely finished my anatomy work (whew) and then I had to take another big test (bummer).
Well on top of it being hectic today is a semi-great, semi-sad day, for the same reason : Enzo doesn't have Internet anymore in Bolivia. Which means I can't talk to him which totally sucks but is also great because that means. . . guess who's almost back from Bolivia!?!?! Well even though I won't be able to see him for a while it'll be easier on us now that we can text and call without having to worry about the Internet connection.
Okay so as you know I've been super excited for my dance show since we figured out what we were going to do. We've been perfecting it and it looks so great so far I can't wait! I'll have a video of the show for you guys to see when we do it.
Oh weirdest thing happened to me yesterday in the bathroom. . . Ughhh that sounds bad huh? ( ' . ' )?. . . Well ok let me explain. I was in the library bathroom washing my hands about to touch up my makeup and a lady walked in (wouldn't it be awkward if that was the weird part ha ha) she came up and asked me my age. She said she was a scout for a modeling agency from New York, but that was opening really near by. She told me they were having auditions and that she wanted me to try out and that she could get me in. The company is MicheleMarieandCompanys. Anyone ever heard of it? Or maybe someone who they know got their break from them? Comment. It seemed fun. And I figured if the modeling audition failed I could try out for the dance or singing. For those who don't know, I'm in love with singing and dancing. (i might make a few videos and post them here or on YouTube, Maybe but anyway I'm definitely thinking about at least going to the audition to see what I can do and if nothing more than to say that I've been to a modeling audition.
Well I hope everyone has a great rest of their Thursday but I have to get going and find something to wear for my cousins birthday this Saturday and work on my routine. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Volume Thirteen

Hey everyone. Sorry about last week but it was hard for me to post. Well this weekend I went down to Menifee to visit my friends and go to the movies. When I got to Nickki's house she shows me her adorable new puppy and then pulls me to the side and pulls out a hamster! Apparently she bought me a random hamster that I name Hairenzumi (supposedly Japanese for Porcupine) and my mom loves the little guy. He's pretty adorable. So we went to go see The Possession. It was really jumpy and me being the weird spas that I am, kept yelling and adding in my own commentary! It was truly amusing. I had allot of fun with Nickki and Carter and Nickki's older brother Hayden. It was pretty cool because Nickki's boyfriend, David, showed up with his cousins and we all watched it together and it was fun and scary.
Well. . . after the movies, we went home and I asked my friend Deaven to come over. Deaven, Nickki and I were all sitting outside her house talking and Nickki kept leaving Deaven and I alone (on purpose). Well he had to leave and so we said our goodbyes but we stayed out for another 10 minute and we did something. . . He told me that he didn't care anymore and he leaned in to kiss me. Now I turned away and just hugged him but before I go on, understand that I have liked him since the 8th grade and we never got to see what could happen, he dated a friend of mine because we never told the other that we liked each other and so our shot was messed up and we never did anything but the feelings still haven't faded.
Well he leaned in and I got shy and just hugged him and told him that I couldn't and he said it was okay and just kept hugging me. But then I started kissing his shoulder and his neck and somehow we ended up kissing.
I had had 2 Monsters' before and at this point I was kinda crashing. He kept kissing me and holding me and leaning towards me and pushed me against the car. Now for those of you who don't know, this was my first kiss because my other relationships have either been long distance (like now) or didn't last more then a few days. It was intense and passionate and he was somehow forceful but gentle and romantic at the same time. he kept rubbing his tongue against my lips and it was so nice. We stopped and he kept kissing my hand and shoulder and laying his head on my shoulder and we hugged then kept kissing more until he finally pulled away and told me I had to go. i told him I didn't want to but he picked me up and carried me to where my phone and shoes were and dropped me off and so I went back inside. My heart was beating so fast and even throughout the kissing I was breathing heavy and uneven. It was like magic.
Now I know that I've always bragged about Enzo and how happy we are but that doesn't mean we don't have our problems. We do. I can't believe that I kissed another guy, but whats even more unbelievable is that I don't really feel bad about. I've had feelings for Deaven for a long time now but this was the first time we've ever really acted on it.
Because of this I need your guys' advise on what to do. Enzo and I will stay long distance for another long while maybe even another year, he doesn't want kids, this isn't the first time I've considered breaking up with him for awhile and he wants to stay in California. Deaven is pretty much everything Enzo isn't. He does want kids, we both plan on moving to Oregon, and he's here.
I like them both but recently I feel like Enzo and I are just drifting in a sense and I hate that. I don't know if I should stay with Enzo or explore this with Deaven. Give me advise either as a comment or e-mail me! But no hate mail/comments you guys. I know cheating is bad but I need advise not criticism.
That's all for today's post but don't forget to e-mail me, comment, follow and tell your friends about this blog. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Volume Twelve

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I haven't been coming to the library this week at all and today's the only day that I'll be here so I definitely had to post something.
Well it was mine and Enzo's 11 month anniversary Monday. We didn't get to much time to talk because I had school and I took the bus home.That took like 2 hours because of all the lights, stops and people and then when I got home I ate a bag of chips and pretty much just passed out so ya he tried calling and of course I didn't answer ha ha feel pretty bad about that but he understood and let me make it up to him the next night. It's crazy our one year anniversary is coming up super fast and I'm so excited to make that video for him but I still need your recommendations on cute songs so comment down below! :)
In other news my dance coach actually wants me to try out for the varsity team!! She thinks that I can make it so I think that I'll at least try out and if I don't make the team then ok at least I tried right. It was really cool of her to tell me that though and it made me feel so much more confident in my dancing.
Oh I almost forgot that I was supposed to tell everyone my next tattoo. (Which BTW I might get sooner than anticipated because my friend Deaven wants to take me to go get it done by the same guy who just recently did his. He does nice work and Deaven says he's got me covered so I'm super excited for it) I'm a California girl no matter what and I know for a fact that when I leave California for Oregon next year, I'll be pretty home sick and be missing my beautiful sunny California. I've had this idea for a while now and I haven't grown tired of it, which is great because the last thing you want to do is tattoo a design into your skin and find that after a little while you can't stand it. my advise it to get it drawn out or printed, whichever, and then put the sketch in a place where you can see it everyday, like over your bed, on the bathroom mirror, anywhere. Wait a year. If you still want it after that year then go get it but if you got tired of seeing it. . . well gee I wonder how it'll be when it's inked into your skin permanently. Anyways I'm going to get the state of California tattooed behind my right ear and inside that state is going to be a grizzly bear paw print in the same place that I've lived most of my life in. That way when I feel homesick I'll always have California there.
I'm also trying to find a jeweler that makes good quality bracelets. I'm going to get a gold charm bracelet and every charm is going to be something that represents California, be it a person in California or a place. If you know of a good place that isn't too expensive e-mail me or comment down below.
Since I wasn't able to post yesterday, I'll bring it up today. Yesterday marked the 11th year anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the US. I want to thank everyone who risked their lives to help save others and also I want to acknowledge those whose lives were lost and their families and loved ones as well.
It was a truly terrible thing yet it united us and showed our strength as a nation. For those who lost someone in that event, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what that must feel like. It was a devastating day around the world. Yet we still stand tall and united. Thank you again to everyone who united on that day to help the victims, their families, friends, and protect our nation and may the fallen rest in peace and live forever in our nations heart, soul and mind.
That's all for today's post but I'll try and be back as soon as possible. Don't forget to hit that follow button and comment down below. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Volume Eleven

Hey everyone. I'm so sorry I haven't posted since mid week last week. It's Tuesday thou. I hope everybody had a fun Labour Day! Let me know what you did in the comments down below. Well in dance we're preping for our upcoming district performance. Our district actually asks my school to perform and represent the schools of our district, pretty big honor for any school. We have a long routine and it's pretty fast paced so I'm defintely looking forward to doing it.
In other news, today at lunch my friend Leon started asking me about my friend Ryan. I've mentioned them to you once or twice before, but anyway, Leon started asking me about him. To me that's dangerous territory because that either means Ryan likes me, or Leon wants Ryan and I to go out. If it's the first one, I'll feel mean turning him down because it's hard to admit to someone that you like them. It's nerve racking and your putting yourself out there to be rejected. I hate that part. Especially because Ryan is such a funny, nice, weird guy, and him and I are pretty good friends and I don't want to hurt his feelings or have things change between him and I and make things akward for us or for our friends.
If it's the second then I don't get why Leon wants us to go out. I mean Ryan and I aren't best friends or anything but we mess around with each other in a friendly way. I don't know sometimes people ust confuse me ha ha. Oh and on top of thta because Ryan is the type to keep things about his life to himself, I don't even know if he's single or not. I mean that doesn't change anything for me but I just don't know what's up with them (Ryan and Leon) right now ha ha.
In other heartwarming news. . . Enzo's coming back to the states in. . . .
            ONLY 20 MORE DAYS!!!!
I'm so happy and excited and AHH he's coming back. He's happy too. He says that as soon as he sets foot off the plane he's running to go grab some American food ha ha. That would be what my boyfriend misses! He'll be home soon thou so we're both on cloud 9 right now and after he comes back, he'll just have to take a 3 month training course to be an EMT and than he'll be coming to California! I can't believe that he'll be here that fast. He says he's going to come and visit me before then but that won't be too long a wait. (I say that now but wait later I'll be talking about missing him and him needing to get over here faster ha ha). It's great thou I mean he'll be here sooner than we expected and I'm Exstatic about that! I'm looking forward to seeing him, and of course once he comes over, and gets hired, he'll be looking so great in an EMTs uniform ha ha. Ohhh gosh I can't believe it but yeah time will be flying once he's back in the states.
I want to do something for him for his homecoming, even though I won't be there obviously, I still want to do something nice for him to show him that I'm glad he's home and he's safe and that I miss(ed) him alot ha ha. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions, leave it as a comment below and I'll check them out. Much appreciated everyone. And really if you have any ideas, even if you thinks it's kinda silly or you saw it somewhere like a movie, or anything. . . still post it. I have no idea what to do for him, so any idea, even the dorky ones are great. . . Actually since I'm a dork, and he's a dork, the dorkier ideas you have the better! ha ha so get to commenting everyone (please).
Well that's all for today everyone but don't forget to follow, comment and spread the word. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Volume Ten

Hey gorgeous people of the World Wide Web!
So today at lunch my boy Leon and I noticed that there were about 4 people eating lunch by themselves looking sad. Nobody should eat by themselves so of course, Leon and I decided to go and introduce ourselves and invite them to sit with us. They were quiet and shy but they were smiling and weren't eating alone. I remember being a new kid at lots of different schools. Eating lunch by yourself sucks! You have to sit there like you don't care that your sitting alone, while everyone else has at least one person to talk to or eat with. It's hard. Then theres the matter of going home later, and feeling sorry for yourself. Then the next day, odds are you'll be sitting alone again.
It can feel a little scary and weird to just go and talk to a complete stranger, because for most of us, it's out of your comfort zone and of course you don't want to offend the person or make yourself look dumb. I strongly encourage it though because that person sitting by themselves today, could be your best friend tomorrow so go up and talk to someone. Just talk about random stuff, be yourself, make them feel comfortable. They feel just as akward and nervous as you.
Ok done with my lecture ha ha. in other news, in the last blog I posted I told you guys about one of the tattoos I'm going to get: the names. Now for my second tattoo.
For those of you who don't know, there are 4 love quadrents to the heart. I'm not talking about the heart in your chest I'm talking about your heart that loves, aches, and yearns for people. Each is represented by a different shape: a spade, a clover, a heart, and a diamond. Like the suits in adeck of cards. Each one of those shapes is a soulmate of some sort. I can't remember what the spade and clover are but here you go guys:
  • The Heart is your love soulmate. This is the person that you'll end up marrying or spending your life with. Your heart= your love=your soulmate. Get it? Cute huh? On to the next one.
  • The Diamond is supposed to be your best friend soulmate. This is the person that is meant to be your friend for life.
Kinda neat huh? Enzo taught me that ha ha. Well as you all know, Nickki of Nickkis Kisses, is my best friend and has ben for years past and of course years to come. (Heck we're going to raise each others kids basically in Oregon) and so I've decided to get a diamond tattooed on me to symbolize her. She is a huge influence on me and is just a great friend and a sweet person. She's helped me through alot and I want someething to represent her so that we never forget this bond that we have. I havent decided if i want it tattooed on my wrist or behind my ear but I know that I'm getting it.
Oh so this friday I'll be going to the Pomona Fair. Hopefully I can convince a friend to come with me. I'll definetly take pictures and hopefully soon I'll be able to upload all the pictures from Kassie's last day and the fair, unfortuanetly I was so thrilled with seeing all my friends at Deaven's birthday party that I didn't even take any pictures (SAD FACE). But I'll definetly kidnap a friend for the day (maybe even the weekend) and take pictures of all the stuff at the fair.
Well that about it for today's post but dont forget to follow, comment, and tell your friends about my blog! SMILE!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

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Sorry for not blogging anything recently guys I normally blog at the library because it's easier then on my phone but I'll definitely have some posts for you this Wednesday. See you then.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Volume Nine

Hello everyone.
Today has been too long of a day in all honesty. It seems like it just won't end and it's not even 5 yet... ugh. My mom  woke me up late and so I had less time to get ready, didn't look that great in class today, I didn't have anything to eat, and the one day that I have to WALK to the library, which is like 8 or so miles away, the weather decides to go against me. It was hot and there was no wind, at all! Needless to say, Im not really in the best of moods.
Well like I mentioned last week, Friday was Deaven's birthday. He's officially (as of Friday) 17 years old. . . what an old man! ha ha just joking. Well I did end up going to his house on Saturday for a little party. I was actually the first one of his friends to be there. It was cool though cause I got to meet his family and we got to hang out one on one for like 4 hours. after some of his friends showed up he had some pizza from Little Ceasars (YUMMY!!!) and then had some cupcakes that he made himself (even more YUMM!) and he oopened his presents. Later on Rachel (another fellow beaner) and her boyfriend (another old friend from middle school) showed up and we hung out at his house a little bit longer before spontaneously deciding to go to the bowling alley. Of course the boys couldn't take the heat that Rach and I were giving out so. . . What did they do?
They went on the computer and changed their scores!! Deaven (the evil mastermind behind it all) went and gave me two zeros then went and gave Willy a strike! What a butthead huh? Whatever it was his birthday party so I let him off easy. We went to the arcade after and Deaven won me a prize. I'm bad at describing it but you know those rubber things you put on your finger, they can also go on pencils? No? No one understands what I'm describing. . .  Akward ha ha I'll post a picture. Well anyways he got me one. It's a cute green horse that I named Julio, cause you know he's a beaner too! It was so much fun to see my friends and spend the whole day with Deaven. I'll be sure to post pictures of all of us and Julio soon.
In other non-Birthday related news, I've decided what im getting tattooed on my 18th birthday. But I'll need either Enzo or Deaven there with me ha ha. I'm getting multiple tattoos, but one of the ones im getting is the names "Sebastian Maria Isabel." I'll be getting it on my ring finger on my right hand. the names are a promise to my unborn older brother/sister. I'm promising him or her that I'll live a good enough life for the both of us.
I'll reveal another my soon to be recieved tattoos in tomorrows post.
Well that's about all that happened to me recently but stayed tuned for tomorrows blog post. Remember to follow me and comment below. See you all tomorrow. Till then SMILE!! XOXO hugs and kisses

Friday, August 24, 2012

Volume Eight

Hey everyone!
My PandaBear is leaving me today! (not an actual Panda just a friend's nickname) We barely took any pictures at lunch so we're going to have to take more after school today, just the old gang: Panda, Googoo Bear, Ryan, Janee,and I (cuggle).
In other news Enzo got pretty mad about how I am with my friends sometimes. We all have those weird things we do with a certain friend right? Well between Kassie and I when we hug our chests hit, we call it boob rapage. Enzo doesn't like that I do that. Between Ryan and I, when we hug he likes to pick me up. Keep in mind I'm about 5 foot 5 inches and Ryan is probably about 6 foot something so when he hugs me it's like a big bear hug and so he playfully picks me up, that got Enzo kinda mad and jealous and it ruined my night last night. Especially because I was so ecstatic about finally talking to Enzo. We haven't been talking to much 'cause he's been depressed and hasn't wanted to talk. So last night I finally got to talk to him and I wanted to tell him about Kassie leaving and my dance show and Deaven's birthday and other stuff. But once we started talking all he wanted to talk about was how i am with my friends. I mean I don't do anything inappropriate with my friends, I don't kiss them or do bad things with them and I definitely don't do anything with them that should make him feel that jealous or get mad at me or question how I act or make me feel like he doesn't trust me or make me feel like he thinks that I'll cheat on him. He went on and on about how I act with my friends and how he wants me to behave better because he doesn't want these guys to try anything. I completely understand jealousy and concern but what I don't understand is why it seems like he doesn't trust me. These are my friends. He has done worse things than me. When I'm with my friends I'm not drinking or out at a bar or a strip club or something. I'm in a happy mood, joking, laughing, and being me. Sometimes it seems less like jealousy and more like control. It sometimes feels like I have to change who I am or who my friends are so he won't tell me that sort of thing. I'm not sure what it is I want to do. Any Advise? Comment below... PLEASE!
In other news HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAVEN RICKMAN. Your such an old man now! Just joking ha ha. I hope he has a great actual birthday and I'll be seeing him tomorrow and we can spend the day doing whatever you want my beaner. It's your day so HOORAY for you!
Well that's all for today's post because I have to figure out where to me up with my gang so we can take pictures and i can change back into the shirt my mother thinks I wore to school today. . . I'm so sneak I wore one shirt to school but had another in my bag and when I got to school I changed in the bathroom so I could look good in those pictures. So now before I leave school I'm going to have to change again.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Volume Seven

Hello cyber freaks!! O.o
Ya anyways. . . hope everybody had a weird Thursday. . . I have no idea what's with me today ha ha.
Anyways. . . I finally know what I'm doing for my first dance performance, and I have to go shopping to buy my outfit. I'm going to be doing a character role!!! Guess what my character is. . . I'm going to be (wait for it... ) a. . . NERD! Yay nerd power ha ha so I have to go out and buy some cute nerd clothes and steal some 3D glasses and use those as my glasses ha ha but SHH the theatres can't know!
The story behind the song is that we're in class and all of us girls are nerds and the one guy in the class is the bad boy greaser type and we all want to give him our number. The performance isn't until December but I'll definitely take a video and tons of pictures and upload them so you can all see it. I'm so excited about it!
In other news, guess what tomorrow is. . .Yes it's Friday but it's something else to. . . jeez try a lil harder guys. . .give up? I figured you wouldn't guess it. . .
IT'S MY BESTIES BIRTHDAY: DEAVEN RICKMAN!!! Hooray for him. He is one of the sweetest guys ever and he's my beaner, not yours. Mine, back off ha ha just kidding but he is a super sweet guy. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said that he just wanted to see me again (I told you he was sweet)I can't let a friend down on their birthday so I have to go down to Menifee this weekend and meet up with him and my old group of buddies too. Gonna be a great time no matter what we do and of course I'll take pictures of the birthday boy and all our mischief.
Enzo's finally over his homesickness. I ws starting to get really worried about that. This last time was the longest of them all. Poor kid. . . Even though he's older than me, kid yay ha ha. I can't wait for October. He'll be back in the states and it'll be our anniversary. Which reminds me let me know what you guys think of that song I showed you a few posts back.
Well that's all for today's post but to get everyone in a good mood at the end of the day, here's a happy song from a foreign group that I absolutely love and am addicted to. Check 'em out

Love the video. Look at all the gorgeous buildings and all the picture perfect moments these two lovely girls have. LOVE IT!! Get addicted to their songs: BOY
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Volume Six

OMG Look at my future husband... but don't tell Enzo ;)
I figured I'd start this blog off by giving everyone something to smile about. I also got an e-mail special for all of you so now you have a way to contat me and have it be more personal. If you ever want to e-mail me go ahead and e-mail me at Thanks everyone!
So everyone should check out the video below. Especially if you have a significant other and it seems like maybe your drifting apart or theres just an obstacle that you two have to overcome but it seems hard. Don't give up!!

I'm putting a few things on this post huh?. . . Probably 'cause I LOVE YOU!!!! . . . Or 'cause you know. . . I just don't have much of a life. . . ya anyways I hope everyone had a nice Wednesday. Now I don't know about you guys but I am stoked about this coming 3 day weekend! I'm ready to hopefully go to the beach with some friends and relax all day long. If I do I'll be taking about 50 billion pictures because I don't get to spend too much time with my friends from my old town of Menifee ha ha. i miss those goobers!
What are your plans for the weekend? let me know in a comment below.
Well todays post was a short one but i have so much to do today guys sorry. I just had to blog at least a little something.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Volume Five

Hey everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays blog and song of the day. I'm thinking about doing a daily song like I did yesterday but I'm not sure. If you like the idea then let me know in a comment down below, if you don't like the idea than tell me that too. But if I do decide to make it a daily thing I'll take your suggestions and listen to recommended songs and the song you tell me about could be the song of the day.
Well today I woke up in a fabulous mood, not sure why, but anyway I did and I was playing some music while getting ready this morning. It made me want to get all pretty and dressed up for school today. I love how when your wearing something that you feel pretty and confident in, the world notices and it seems like people compliment you and smile with you more. It's kind of nifty how powerful the right outfit can be! Well now I'm wondering what is your confidence boosting outfit? What did you wear today? Let me know in a comment below.
OK so I'm asking a few questions today... only seems fair that you guys can ask me some back so if you guys have any questions about me (doesn't really matter what about) I'm going to set up an e-mail specially for your questions and other things like that so everyone can e-mail me. I'll have the e-mail done later today 'cause in all honest I just of it so later today I'll get it set up and you can e-mail me whatever you want and whenever you want.
So we're working on being more flexible in dance and my gosh I'm flexible in certain ways but WOW there are some things that just hurt!! Wish I was still as flexible as I was when I was a kid. . .It seems like you can do whatever when your that flexible. . .I'm jealous of the kid me ha ha (loser moment). All day today (even though I woke up in a great mood and had a great start to my day) I've been off! I left my folder at home along with my sunglasses and water, I got hit by a random stranger and almost fell off a table! And it isn't even noon yet! Ahhh!!
Well in other news, my girl Nickki of Nickki's Kisses finally got her crush David to ask her. I say finally because they have known each other for awhile, he treats her like his girlfriend and they like each other. Well he finally grew a pair and asked her. He said he would ask her in a special way and that he wanted to wait to ask her a few months back. . . What's funny is that he didn't really do anything special, my opinion. I figure if you have months to think something out it should come off as special and important not spur of the moment type thing. But I'm glad that she's happy and he seems to make her smile so I'm good. He asked her to homecoming too!! (hooray) Congratulations to her!
I'm planning a little cyber date with Enzo tonight but I don't know what to do ha ha. It's weird he's getting a bit of an addiction to playing Mine Craft with his friends back home. . . kinda geeky but OK he has fun and it's nice that he can spend time with his friends now. Can you imagine being away from home in a foreign country for six months? And when he got there he didn't speak Spanish so it was very hard on him. So I'm glad that he can spend time with his friends doing something, even if it is Mine Craft ha ha. Hopefully he won't be too addicted and we and talk tonight. If you have any cyber date ideas or suggestions let me know. I'll be back on in a few hours and by then I'll have the e-mail up and maybe a song too.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

This is the song I'm thinking about using....

since I'm making Enzo a dorky gift for our one year anniversary this October i like this song and I might use it in the background of the video... comment and let me know what you guys think yes. . . no?
Keep in mind that by this time he may or may not be back from Bolivia. unfortuanely we dont have a concrete date yet all we know is he's coming back the second week in October and our anniversary is the 10th. I'm so happy with him. Thanks Everyone. Je T'aime!!!

Volume Four

Hey fellow sweethearts!
I'm back once more just like I promised. See I am good at posting lol! Well today at school we learned some cool stuff in my web design class! I feel like i sound kinda geeky... maybe i should buy some cute geeky glasses! *bright idea* Well as we all know I'm a total music freak and I'm adding something new to this blog post.... it's... the....Song of the Day!!!! YAY!! I absolutely adore this band and this song is so romantic and heartbreaking. He is trying so hard to win her back and she isn't even interested. Poor guy... Well it's OK he can come and get with me ha ha just joking... I have a boyfriend... :( just kidding ha ha.
In other news, I haven't told you what happened over the weekend..... wait for it... Nothing ha ha I don't have a life you guys! I did actually do one thing this weekend and that was go out to dinner with my grandparents and my mom and brother. We went to this absolutely amazing ramen place in Rosemead called Hakata Noodle... my stomach just growled 'cause I said it out loud ha ha yes it is actually that good!
It was so nice but of course since it's me I had to notice how adorable my grandparents are. They have both been divorced and this is their second marriage. They have been together for... well actually I don't really know but  that's not the point the point is their in love.
After years of being married, they can still hold each other and kiss and joke with each other in a really sweet, cute, romantic way. They look out for each other all the time and have perfected their marriage. They hold hands and still look deeply and lovingly into one another's eyes. When we got in the car to go, my grandpa came and kept telling my grandmother to sit on the other side so the sun wouldn't hit her and so that it would hit him instead. My grandparents are old but it's not like they can't do anything it's just that my grandma can't be in the heat for long and since it's been 100+ degrees lately my grandpa was a total gentleman and took the heat instead...literally. These are my role models. They can love so deeply and truly even after being hurt and heartbroken. They didn't back away from marriage and they've stood the test of time and life together. When one of them is weak, the other is strong enough for the both of them and they work so well together for so many reasons. This is the kind of love I want and I hope everyone finds it too.
I actually think that I may have this kind of love... the kind where you can be really sweet one second and the next your joking about something the other person said or did. I was on the phone with Enzo last night and he told me I wasn't his first love but that I was his last. He isn't very romantic too often so when he is it really means allot. He has his times where he's sweet but he's romantic in a different way. He jokes allot and we have allot of little jokes and stories between us and I guess that's his way of showing me he loves me and being romantic in his way. We were joking around with each other last night about how we met and how he started talking to me. He says he came up to me the way he did 'cause he wanted to be memorable and he only had one chance to ha ha. I'm not gonna tell you guys the story cause well I kinda can't since it's a little weird and inappropriate ha ha but he was definitely memorable and I really couldn't friend-zone him which was what he was apparently afraid I'd do. But ya guys... do something memorable and different. Girls... give a guy a chance as nervous as you are when you go and talk to a guy, well he's just as nervous when he approaches you. Especially if he doesn't know you. And you never really know... he could be the one if you just give him a chance.
I hope everyone finds love. And guys, love isn't just between a man and a woman. It's between the hearts. the heart doesn't have a face, age, gender, body or any of that. The heart wants what it wants and we shouldn't judge what it yearns for just because yours' yearns for something else. People are different and that's what makes us us and we're all beautiful and perfect the way we are. No one can control their heart so let a person love whoever they want. It doesn't affect you.
So today's final post was all about love and romance wasn't it? I'll be back tomorrow but don't forget to follow me and comment below and take the survey i have in the right hand side. SMILE!! Hope everyone has a good ret of the day. XOXO. hugs and kisses!

Volume Three

hello beautiful people,
So sorry about not posting yesterday but I wasn't near a computer and posting on my phone takes forever... Well my mom had to take some vacation days from work and she hasn't been sleeping to well so she wanted me to stay home from school so she wouldn't have to wake up early and drive me to school. After we woke up and had breakfast she had the idea of going up to Big Bear. It was like an hour long drive of nothing but my ears popping and endless swerves on a cliff going up the mountain. It was interesting ha ha. When we finally got the Lake Big Bear we stopped by this restaurant to have lunch and talk about how much nicer it was to be around trees than in a smoggy concrete jungle. It was so much fun to drive around the lake and take pictures. We saw some weird birds and kept taking the scenic route everywhere...mostly cause my mom got lost but.. it was still a cool trip. However it did start to rain a little bit which was such a relief from the 100+ degree weather. We went to this nice cafe and had a capuccino and some sweet desserts and walked around downtown in a little old time shopping centre. Then we decided to go home.The entire trip back down the mountain... we used no gas... we probably damaged our brakes on that trip (whoops). We went down from 7030 feet elevation all the way to a little under 2000 feet elevation. our poor brakes were suffereing on the way down because of the steep slope and all the curves in the road. But we finally got back home and we were both exhausted and my mom pretty much went straight to bed after. Can't blame her but it was such a nice trip to take for just the two of us.
Well anyways... HOMECOMING is in 30 days for me!!!! Ahh! who do I take? ha ha just kidding we all know that if I could I would take my boyfriend but unfortunately Enzo isn't back from Bolivia yet and so he can't come and be my date. (pout) So instead I'm going to take my sexy Cuddles..... Nicki. I hope She can make it ha ha and in return I might be her date for homecoming at her school even though she has a boyfriend, David. He can hold our purses while we party ha ha just joking... a little... or am I (dramatic music) I am just joking though ha ha. Well hopefully I can go to my homecoming. I've never been to one before... When is your guys' homecoming? And are you taking a date or going with a group of friends or maybe are you going stag (by yourself) let me know in the commetns below. Also if you plan on going give me details like how much it is at your school or what kind of dress you want and other things like that. I'm excited to hear from you all!
Well that's all for this post but to make up for the few days I didnt post last week I'll post again later on today.
As always SMILE and have a great day see you all in a few hours. comment, follow, enjoy and spread the word about my blog (much appreciated). love you all! XOXO! hugs and kisses

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Volume Two

Hi sweeties!
I'm sitting here typing this post and in front of me is the cutest couple! I love it when you see a couple and they don' have to be eating each others faces to tell that they're in a relationship. Really if anyone out there has the kind of relationship where you can lounge around with your hair all messy, no make-up, sweats, and he still looks at you like your absolutely beautiful (which you all are no matter what) that's a great relationship. I know I have that kind of love 'cause once I was on Skype with Enzo.... No make-up, wet hair (I had taken a shower a little bit before we chatted) and I had bags under my eyes and sun burned legs (I looked like a tomato from my hips down ha ha) and I was getting self concious and he kept telling me that I looked cute and that he was glad he got to see me even if I didnt feel as beautiful as he saw me.I hope everyone out there finds a wonderful love!!!!
Today was interesting... I found out a close friend of mine is leaving our school and going somewhere else so that really bummed me out, but she won't be leaving until the end of the month so yay! I also have about a million different assignments due tomorrow but don't worry there just a bunch of little five minute assignments so I should have em done in no time. Dance today wore me out!! We do a warm-up dance everyday and it's probably about five or six minutes long... that doesnt sound like its that long really, but bare in mind that we dont stop moving... and we do the routine two times! My thighs are so incrediblly sore from these past few days of doing this, but I know it'll pay off whe I have great legs and know how to do really awesome dances ha ha.
I also have some new artists for everyone to check out this week on the side. I really encourage people to check out foreign bands and different less known artists. They can have better music than most mainstream artist because of their smaller fan base and as a result can have more meaningful and powerful songs that speak to you on diffferent levels.
I know my posts tend to be a little on the mushy side of things and that not everytone out there has someone right now... I don't want anyone to feel bad for being single, embrace it! It means that you don't settle for less than what you deserve and I know that when you do find someone you want to be with that you'll love deeply and truly and it'll be great.
Relationships are hard. No one likes to say it, but the fact of the matter is... there hard work. People's feelings get involved, hearts get broken, and fights get out of control! So for all of the signle people out there dont feel bad, you should take this time to really see who you are and what you want out of life and where your going. That way when you do gt in a relationship you won't have to play games and can find the right person faster and easier... but remember love happens when your not looking for it.... Which actually makes sense....
Think about it people say your true love is your missing piece and isn't it true that when you're looking for something (like your keys) the moment you stop looking for it, (stupid car keys! ha ha) you find it! (I'm not saying love is like your car keys or like finding your lost car keys because it's not... it's better obviously but same logic ha ha)
Well anyway keep your head up and always smile. Remeber to keep reading my blog (it'll get better ha ha) and tell your friends to check out my site and comment and follow me... but just not in a creepy stalker kind of way ha ha. XOXO
hugs and kisses to all my gorgeous people

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Volume One

Hello my lovelies!  So many crazy things have been happening to me lately. At the moment I'm currently trying to find a house... hard work jeez! I'm also still in school and doing really well. For all the people out there who are shy or just have a hard time making friends for whatever reason... here's a tip: Step out of your comfort zone. It will obviously feel weird at first but it'll get you to not be as shy. if you are going to do this just remember that you have to stay you. It's easy to like someone for what they say the are but it's harder (but better) to like someone for what they prove to be. I know it's easy to dish out advise, which is why I've been taking ore of my own advise lately. I tend to be a shyer person and I always end up regretting not being more out there at first. So I have definitely been taking my advise and only 2 weeks into school I have more friends and more people in my classes know me and talk to me and I'm also taking classes that I've wanted to take but have been to shy and nervous to take, like dance. Hope some people take my advise. But anyways, done with my advise and moving on...
I'm still with my boyfriend, Enzo, in October it'll be a year that we've been together. I have a cute little gift for him but he's one of those people who don't really like getting money spent on them so I have to be creative (yay!!!). I will definitely show everyone my gift idea. Unfortunately our relationship hasn't been perfect and we've definitely had a "more than necessary" amount of drama recently. For starters, another guy was trying to hook up with me and I was kinda going for it... I don't know about everyone else but I'm the type of person that has to tell the person I think I'll hurt when something makes me feel guilty. In other words... I felt bad and told my boyfriend. He was obviously mad and lost some trust in me but I never cheated because I realized that I had put time and effort into my relationship and I was with someone really great. I mean he didn't even yell at me when I told him that I was thinking about cheating. The weird part came up a few months later, when I earned his trust back. A guy in my chemistry class had actually tried to kiss me and he nearly did but fortunately I moved away before he could. When I told Enzo he said that he was proud of me and that this had proved to him that I wouldnt cheat and that he really could trust me. (yay!!!)
Apart from my relationship drama... My girl Nickki and I are getting our own bakery started up. Right now were nothing big but we're going to go to culinary school in Oregon and set up shop there. It'll be called...... (imaginary drum roll.....)
Polka Dots Cupcakery
It may say cupcakery but once we set up shop, we plan on expanding to a full bakery. Oregon is going to be indulging in our yummy treats.... Prepare yourself Oregon... We're coming! Ha Ha
Well hopefully everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and be sure to come back tomorrow to check out my new post for tomorrow. Be sure to follow, comment, and share this site with your friends! XOXO
hugs and kisses to all my beautiful readers and remember to SMILE!!!