Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Volume Nine

Hello everyone.
Today has been too long of a day in all honesty. It seems like it just won't end and it's not even 5 yet... ugh. My mom  woke me up late and so I had less time to get ready, didn't look that great in class today, I didn't have anything to eat, and the one day that I have to WALK to the library, which is like 8 or so miles away, the weather decides to go against me. It was hot and there was no wind, at all! Needless to say, Im not really in the best of moods.
Well like I mentioned last week, Friday was Deaven's birthday. He's officially (as of Friday) 17 years old. . . what an old man! ha ha just joking. Well I did end up going to his house on Saturday for a little party. I was actually the first one of his friends to be there. It was cool though cause I got to meet his family and we got to hang out one on one for like 4 hours. after some of his friends showed up he had some pizza from Little Ceasars (YUMMY!!!) and then had some cupcakes that he made himself (even more YUMM!) and he oopened his presents. Later on Rachel (another fellow beaner) and her boyfriend (another old friend from middle school) showed up and we hung out at his house a little bit longer before spontaneously deciding to go to the bowling alley. Of course the boys couldn't take the heat that Rach and I were giving out so. . . What did they do?
They went on the computer and changed their scores!! Deaven (the evil mastermind behind it all) went and gave me two zeros then went and gave Willy a strike! What a butthead huh? Whatever it was his birthday party so I let him off easy. We went to the arcade after and Deaven won me a prize. I'm bad at describing it but you know those rubber things you put on your finger, they can also go on pencils? No? No one understands what I'm describing. . .  Akward ha ha I'll post a picture. Well anyways he got me one. It's a cute green horse that I named Julio, cause you know he's a beaner too! It was so much fun to see my friends and spend the whole day with Deaven. I'll be sure to post pictures of all of us and Julio soon.
In other non-Birthday related news, I've decided what im getting tattooed on my 18th birthday. But I'll need either Enzo or Deaven there with me ha ha. I'm getting multiple tattoos, but one of the ones im getting is the names "Sebastian Maria Isabel." I'll be getting it on my ring finger on my right hand. the names are a promise to my unborn older brother/sister. I'm promising him or her that I'll live a good enough life for the both of us.
I'll reveal another my soon to be recieved tattoos in tomorrows post.
Well that's about all that happened to me recently but stayed tuned for tomorrows blog post. Remember to follow me and comment below. See you all tomorrow. Till then SMILE!! XOXO hugs and kisses

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