Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Volume Five

Hey everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays blog and song of the day. I'm thinking about doing a daily song like I did yesterday but I'm not sure. If you like the idea then let me know in a comment down below, if you don't like the idea than tell me that too. But if I do decide to make it a daily thing I'll take your suggestions and listen to recommended songs and the song you tell me about could be the song of the day.
Well today I woke up in a fabulous mood, not sure why, but anyway I did and I was playing some music while getting ready this morning. It made me want to get all pretty and dressed up for school today. I love how when your wearing something that you feel pretty and confident in, the world notices and it seems like people compliment you and smile with you more. It's kind of nifty how powerful the right outfit can be! Well now I'm wondering what is your confidence boosting outfit? What did you wear today? Let me know in a comment below.
OK so I'm asking a few questions today... only seems fair that you guys can ask me some back so if you guys have any questions about me (doesn't really matter what about) I'm going to set up an e-mail specially for your questions and other things like that so everyone can e-mail me. I'll have the e-mail done later today 'cause in all honest I just of it so later today I'll get it set up and you can e-mail me whatever you want and whenever you want.
So we're working on being more flexible in dance and my gosh I'm flexible in certain ways but WOW there are some things that just hurt!! Wish I was still as flexible as I was when I was a kid. . .It seems like you can do whatever when your that flexible. . .I'm jealous of the kid me ha ha (loser moment). All day today (even though I woke up in a great mood and had a great start to my day) I've been off! I left my folder at home along with my sunglasses and water, I got hit by a random stranger and almost fell off a table! And it isn't even noon yet! Ahhh!!
Well in other news, my girl Nickki of Nickki's Kisses finally got her crush David to ask her. I say finally because they have known each other for awhile, he treats her like his girlfriend and they like each other. Well he finally grew a pair and asked her. He said he would ask her in a special way and that he wanted to wait to ask her a few months back. . . What's funny is that he didn't really do anything special, my opinion. I figure if you have months to think something out it should come off as special and important not spur of the moment type thing. But I'm glad that she's happy and he seems to make her smile so I'm good. He asked her to homecoming too!! (hooray) Congratulations to her!
I'm planning a little cyber date with Enzo tonight but I don't know what to do ha ha. It's weird he's getting a bit of an addiction to playing Mine Craft with his friends back home. . . kinda geeky but OK he has fun and it's nice that he can spend time with his friends now. Can you imagine being away from home in a foreign country for six months? And when he got there he didn't speak Spanish so it was very hard on him. So I'm glad that he can spend time with his friends doing something, even if it is Mine Craft ha ha. Hopefully he won't be too addicted and we and talk tonight. If you have any cyber date ideas or suggestions let me know. I'll be back on in a few hours and by then I'll have the e-mail up and maybe a song too.
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