Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Volume Sixteen

Hey everyone. So Happy Wednesday to all my beautiful romantics! Hope you had a fun day. So I have a random thought today. . . What song best describes you? Comment it below. I ask this because, well I like to ask random questions like that and also because I asked someone what song best described me in their opinion and in all honesty I was surprised by their answer because the song is very sad and has a very dark meaning. . . no sure what that means towards me. . .
In other news, were finally in October, even if the weather disagrees it's fall!! (Hooray for Autumn!) in just 7 days, it'll be mine and Enzo's one year anniversary!! (even more Hooray) I've finally decided on the song for his video and I'll be recording it this weekend with my sister Nickki. That actually leads me to another question, does anyone know about a good movie making software/app?? Let me know please, much appreciated.
I'm also excited because today I'm going to start to teach myself German and my brother starts teaching himself Japanese. It's supoosed to be harder becasue we don't have a teacher but we're both pretty fast learners and we catch on fairly easily so hopefully we'll both be able to understand and actually learn to speak another language. I'm super excited about it though and can't wait to start speaking German. Then I'll know four languages. After we learn our language we're going to switch so he'll learn German and I'll learn Japanese then we'll move onto new languages. Our next one will be Italian and maybe Chinese, still undecided.
Well that's about all for today but I'll try and post again tomorrow for everyone. Bye Lovelies :) don't forget to follow, spread the word, and comment down below or email me! SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

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