Friday, August 24, 2012

Volume Eight

Hey everyone!
My PandaBear is leaving me today! (not an actual Panda just a friend's nickname) We barely took any pictures at lunch so we're going to have to take more after school today, just the old gang: Panda, Googoo Bear, Ryan, Janee,and I (cuggle).
In other news Enzo got pretty mad about how I am with my friends sometimes. We all have those weird things we do with a certain friend right? Well between Kassie and I when we hug our chests hit, we call it boob rapage. Enzo doesn't like that I do that. Between Ryan and I, when we hug he likes to pick me up. Keep in mind I'm about 5 foot 5 inches and Ryan is probably about 6 foot something so when he hugs me it's like a big bear hug and so he playfully picks me up, that got Enzo kinda mad and jealous and it ruined my night last night. Especially because I was so ecstatic about finally talking to Enzo. We haven't been talking to much 'cause he's been depressed and hasn't wanted to talk. So last night I finally got to talk to him and I wanted to tell him about Kassie leaving and my dance show and Deaven's birthday and other stuff. But once we started talking all he wanted to talk about was how i am with my friends. I mean I don't do anything inappropriate with my friends, I don't kiss them or do bad things with them and I definitely don't do anything with them that should make him feel that jealous or get mad at me or question how I act or make me feel like he doesn't trust me or make me feel like he thinks that I'll cheat on him. He went on and on about how I act with my friends and how he wants me to behave better because he doesn't want these guys to try anything. I completely understand jealousy and concern but what I don't understand is why it seems like he doesn't trust me. These are my friends. He has done worse things than me. When I'm with my friends I'm not drinking or out at a bar or a strip club or something. I'm in a happy mood, joking, laughing, and being me. Sometimes it seems less like jealousy and more like control. It sometimes feels like I have to change who I am or who my friends are so he won't tell me that sort of thing. I'm not sure what it is I want to do. Any Advise? Comment below... PLEASE!
In other news HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAVEN RICKMAN. Your such an old man now! Just joking ha ha. I hope he has a great actual birthday and I'll be seeing him tomorrow and we can spend the day doing whatever you want my beaner. It's your day so HOORAY for you!
Well that's all for today's post because I have to figure out where to me up with my gang so we can take pictures and i can change back into the shirt my mother thinks I wore to school today. . . I'm so sneak I wore one shirt to school but had another in my bag and when I got to school I changed in the bathroom so I could look good in those pictures. So now before I leave school I'm going to have to change again.
Until next time everyone. Don't forget to follow me and comment below. SMILE!!! XOXO hugs and kisses

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