Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Volume Ten

Hey gorgeous people of the World Wide Web!
So today at lunch my boy Leon and I noticed that there were about 4 people eating lunch by themselves looking sad. Nobody should eat by themselves so of course, Leon and I decided to go and introduce ourselves and invite them to sit with us. They were quiet and shy but they were smiling and weren't eating alone. I remember being a new kid at lots of different schools. Eating lunch by yourself sucks! You have to sit there like you don't care that your sitting alone, while everyone else has at least one person to talk to or eat with. It's hard. Then theres the matter of going home later, and feeling sorry for yourself. Then the next day, odds are you'll be sitting alone again.
It can feel a little scary and weird to just go and talk to a complete stranger, because for most of us, it's out of your comfort zone and of course you don't want to offend the person or make yourself look dumb. I strongly encourage it though because that person sitting by themselves today, could be your best friend tomorrow so go up and talk to someone. Just talk about random stuff, be yourself, make them feel comfortable. They feel just as akward and nervous as you.
Ok done with my lecture ha ha. in other news, in the last blog I posted I told you guys about one of the tattoos I'm going to get: the names. Now for my second tattoo.
For those of you who don't know, there are 4 love quadrents to the heart. I'm not talking about the heart in your chest I'm talking about your heart that loves, aches, and yearns for people. Each is represented by a different shape: a spade, a clover, a heart, and a diamond. Like the suits in adeck of cards. Each one of those shapes is a soulmate of some sort. I can't remember what the spade and clover are but here you go guys:
  • The Heart is your love soulmate. This is the person that you'll end up marrying or spending your life with. Your heart= your love=your soulmate. Get it? Cute huh? On to the next one.
  • The Diamond is supposed to be your best friend soulmate. This is the person that is meant to be your friend for life.
Kinda neat huh? Enzo taught me that ha ha. Well as you all know, Nickki of Nickkis Kisses, is my best friend and has ben for years past and of course years to come. (Heck we're going to raise each others kids basically in Oregon) and so I've decided to get a diamond tattooed on me to symbolize her. She is a huge influence on me and is just a great friend and a sweet person. She's helped me through alot and I want someething to represent her so that we never forget this bond that we have. I havent decided if i want it tattooed on my wrist or behind my ear but I know that I'm getting it.
Oh so this friday I'll be going to the Pomona Fair. Hopefully I can convince a friend to come with me. I'll definetly take pictures and hopefully soon I'll be able to upload all the pictures from Kassie's last day and the fair, unfortuanetly I was so thrilled with seeing all my friends at Deaven's birthday party that I didn't even take any pictures (SAD FACE). But I'll definetly kidnap a friend for the day (maybe even the weekend) and take pictures of all the stuff at the fair.
Well that about it for today's post but dont forget to follow, comment, and tell your friends about my blog! SMILE!! XOXO hugs and kisses.

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