Sunday, June 23, 2013

Volume Twent-Four

Hey everyone! So once more I stopped posting and I feel horrible about that. Here I am now though!
So I finally finished another year of horrible school and am now enjoying some down time and spending as much time as I can with my friends and family and finding different way to make money. I'm currently making handmade teddy bears and having my mom help sell them at her job and I continue to bake and sell tasty treats too.
My mom and I are back on the hunt for a house and once again the stress is setting in. I never remembered house hunting being so hard and stressful but then again I was a kid and never paid much attention to things like that so. . . go figure right? But I'm staying positive and keeping my head up because I know we're going to find a good place and than I'll FINALLY have my OWN ROOM! I've missed it so!
For those of you romantics wondering about my love life. . . Enzo and I are still together and happy. So when I last updated you all he was doing his EMT training (extremely stressful ordeal for both of us!) but now he's done with the training and was able to take the firefighter test which was his goal. he passed both the physical and written exams with flying colors and really impressed the chief of the fire department! he started working on the 18th of this month and apparently when you join a station, the first year is incredibly hard. the other firefighters at the station are supposed to give you a hard time, the same way fraternity brothers treat their pledges, and if you make it past the first year its smooth sailing. So as of right now, he likes it but he is getting a had time from the other boys. of course though BOYS will be BOYS!
He and I have been trying to make as much time as possible to talk and Skype ad actually we just ended a 2-hour Skype date and I have no idea why but when we Skype. . . he brings out my inner dork. . . which is somehow more of a dork than the "normal" me. Bu than he started falling asleep and I let him go because he has to train tomorrow because his martial arts instructor chose him to do a cage fight in August!
Well anyway that's about all for now. When we get the house, I'll get internet and will be able to blog more because I despise blogging on my phone. I'll try harder though! XOXO