Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Volume Ninteen

Hey everyone! So as you should all know, yesterday was election day. Obama won. Hopefully those who could vote, did so, and for those who can't yet vote, well we really couldn't do much but bite our nails and hope for the best.
In other news, 'cause I for one am so over the politics already. . . I am currently at the library trying my best to contain my laughter while watching this video. I know it's kind of dumb and some of you might not find it as funny as I do but in all honesty I'm fairly easy to make laugh and I laugh at corny/dumb stuff so that explains why the man sitting next to me is staring at me like I'm a special kid eating glue farting in the corner. . . I have no idea what that would really look like but ya he's looking at me funny. . . I'm disturbing the peace in the library. . . YAY! A GOAT.... If you didn't click the link and see the video that joke was wasted on you, scroll and click the link and watch the video. If you saw it and aren't laughing then I suppose you and I just don't have the same sense of humor. But if you saw it and liked it I definitely recommend some of their other videos because they do a pretty good job and their funny!!
In other, non-ridiculous news. . . Enzo finally got his phone and we can finally text. He's so sweet. He worked longer shifts and everything so he could get it back sooner then we initially planned.
Well today hasn't brought anything new except for the fact that. . . well Romney isn't in office so today hasn't brought anything new at all. Now I'm not sure if i posted or not but a little while ago my mom and I were told that we actually couldn't buy a house yet because our old house in Florida went into foreclosure and we have to wait until 2013 in order for to get a new home. The law says that you can't buy a new property until 3 years after the  previous property went into foreclosure. BOOM Real Estate lesson for all you suckers!!
Well I'm out of things to ramble about so I'm going to wrap this up now. . . remember to spread the word and follow me. LOVE YOU! XOXO hugs and kisses.

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