Monday, August 20, 2012

Volume Four

Hey fellow sweethearts!
I'm back once more just like I promised. See I am good at posting lol! Well today at school we learned some cool stuff in my web design class! I feel like i sound kinda geeky... maybe i should buy some cute geeky glasses! *bright idea* Well as we all know I'm a total music freak and I'm adding something new to this blog post.... it's... the....Song of the Day!!!! YAY!! I absolutely adore this band and this song is so romantic and heartbreaking. He is trying so hard to win her back and she isn't even interested. Poor guy... Well it's OK he can come and get with me ha ha just joking... I have a boyfriend... :( just kidding ha ha.
In other news, I haven't told you what happened over the weekend..... wait for it... Nothing ha ha I don't have a life you guys! I did actually do one thing this weekend and that was go out to dinner with my grandparents and my mom and brother. We went to this absolutely amazing ramen place in Rosemead called Hakata Noodle... my stomach just growled 'cause I said it out loud ha ha yes it is actually that good!
It was so nice but of course since it's me I had to notice how adorable my grandparents are. They have both been divorced and this is their second marriage. They have been together for... well actually I don't really know but  that's not the point the point is their in love.
After years of being married, they can still hold each other and kiss and joke with each other in a really sweet, cute, romantic way. They look out for each other all the time and have perfected their marriage. They hold hands and still look deeply and lovingly into one another's eyes. When we got in the car to go, my grandpa came and kept telling my grandmother to sit on the other side so the sun wouldn't hit her and so that it would hit him instead. My grandparents are old but it's not like they can't do anything it's just that my grandma can't be in the heat for long and since it's been 100+ degrees lately my grandpa was a total gentleman and took the heat instead...literally. These are my role models. They can love so deeply and truly even after being hurt and heartbroken. They didn't back away from marriage and they've stood the test of time and life together. When one of them is weak, the other is strong enough for the both of them and they work so well together for so many reasons. This is the kind of love I want and I hope everyone finds it too.
I actually think that I may have this kind of love... the kind where you can be really sweet one second and the next your joking about something the other person said or did. I was on the phone with Enzo last night and he told me I wasn't his first love but that I was his last. He isn't very romantic too often so when he is it really means allot. He has his times where he's sweet but he's romantic in a different way. He jokes allot and we have allot of little jokes and stories between us and I guess that's his way of showing me he loves me and being romantic in his way. We were joking around with each other last night about how we met and how he started talking to me. He says he came up to me the way he did 'cause he wanted to be memorable and he only had one chance to ha ha. I'm not gonna tell you guys the story cause well I kinda can't since it's a little weird and inappropriate ha ha but he was definitely memorable and I really couldn't friend-zone him which was what he was apparently afraid I'd do. But ya guys... do something memorable and different. Girls... give a guy a chance as nervous as you are when you go and talk to a guy, well he's just as nervous when he approaches you. Especially if he doesn't know you. And you never really know... he could be the one if you just give him a chance.
I hope everyone finds love. And guys, love isn't just between a man and a woman. It's between the hearts. the heart doesn't have a face, age, gender, body or any of that. The heart wants what it wants and we shouldn't judge what it yearns for just because yours' yearns for something else. People are different and that's what makes us us and we're all beautiful and perfect the way we are. No one can control their heart so let a person love whoever they want. It doesn't affect you.
So today's final post was all about love and romance wasn't it? I'll be back tomorrow but don't forget to follow me and comment below and take the survey i have in the right hand side. SMILE!! Hope everyone has a good ret of the day. XOXO. hugs and kisses!

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