Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Volume One

Hello my lovelies!  So many crazy things have been happening to me lately. At the moment I'm currently trying to find a house... hard work jeez! I'm also still in school and doing really well. For all the people out there who are shy or just have a hard time making friends for whatever reason... here's a tip: Step out of your comfort zone. It will obviously feel weird at first but it'll get you to not be as shy. if you are going to do this just remember that you have to stay you. It's easy to like someone for what they say the are but it's harder (but better) to like someone for what they prove to be. I know it's easy to dish out advise, which is why I've been taking ore of my own advise lately. I tend to be a shyer person and I always end up regretting not being more out there at first. So I have definitely been taking my advise and only 2 weeks into school I have more friends and more people in my classes know me and talk to me and I'm also taking classes that I've wanted to take but have been to shy and nervous to take, like dance. Hope some people take my advise. But anyways, done with my advise and moving on...
I'm still with my boyfriend, Enzo, in October it'll be a year that we've been together. I have a cute little gift for him but he's one of those people who don't really like getting money spent on them so I have to be creative (yay!!!). I will definitely show everyone my gift idea. Unfortunately our relationship hasn't been perfect and we've definitely had a "more than necessary" amount of drama recently. For starters, another guy was trying to hook up with me and I was kinda going for it... I don't know about everyone else but I'm the type of person that has to tell the person I think I'll hurt when something makes me feel guilty. In other words... I felt bad and told my boyfriend. He was obviously mad and lost some trust in me but I never cheated because I realized that I had put time and effort into my relationship and I was with someone really great. I mean he didn't even yell at me when I told him that I was thinking about cheating. The weird part came up a few months later, when I earned his trust back. A guy in my chemistry class had actually tried to kiss me and he nearly did but fortunately I moved away before he could. When I told Enzo he said that he was proud of me and that this had proved to him that I wouldnt cheat and that he really could trust me. (yay!!!)
Apart from my relationship drama... My girl Nickki and I are getting our own bakery started up. Right now were nothing big but we're going to go to culinary school in Oregon and set up shop there. It'll be called...... (imaginary drum roll.....)
Polka Dots Cupcakery
It may say cupcakery but once we set up shop, we plan on expanding to a full bakery. Oregon is going to be indulging in our yummy treats.... Prepare yourself Oregon... We're coming! Ha Ha
Well hopefully everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and be sure to come back tomorrow to check out my new post for tomorrow. Be sure to follow, comment, and share this site with your friends! XOXO
hugs and kisses to all my beautiful readers and remember to SMILE!!!

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