Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Volume Two

Hi sweeties!
I'm sitting here typing this post and in front of me is the cutest couple! I love it when you see a couple and they don' have to be eating each others faces to tell that they're in a relationship. Really if anyone out there has the kind of relationship where you can lounge around with your hair all messy, no make-up, sweats, and he still looks at you like your absolutely beautiful (which you all are no matter what) that's a great relationship. I know I have that kind of love 'cause once I was on Skype with Enzo.... No make-up, wet hair (I had taken a shower a little bit before we chatted) and I had bags under my eyes and sun burned legs (I looked like a tomato from my hips down ha ha) and I was getting self concious and he kept telling me that I looked cute and that he was glad he got to see me even if I didnt feel as beautiful as he saw me.I hope everyone out there finds a wonderful love!!!!
Today was interesting... I found out a close friend of mine is leaving our school and going somewhere else so that really bummed me out, but she won't be leaving until the end of the month so yay! I also have about a million different assignments due tomorrow but don't worry there just a bunch of little five minute assignments so I should have em done in no time. Dance today wore me out!! We do a warm-up dance everyday and it's probably about five or six minutes long... that doesnt sound like its that long really, but bare in mind that we dont stop moving... and we do the routine two times! My thighs are so incrediblly sore from these past few days of doing this, but I know it'll pay off whe I have great legs and know how to do really awesome dances ha ha.
I also have some new artists for everyone to check out this week on the side. I really encourage people to check out foreign bands and different less known artists. They can have better music than most mainstream artist because of their smaller fan base and as a result can have more meaningful and powerful songs that speak to you on diffferent levels.
I know my posts tend to be a little on the mushy side of things and that not everytone out there has someone right now... I don't want anyone to feel bad for being single, embrace it! It means that you don't settle for less than what you deserve and I know that when you do find someone you want to be with that you'll love deeply and truly and it'll be great.
Relationships are hard. No one likes to say it, but the fact of the matter is... there hard work. People's feelings get involved, hearts get broken, and fights get out of control! So for all of the signle people out there dont feel bad, you should take this time to really see who you are and what you want out of life and where your going. That way when you do gt in a relationship you won't have to play games and can find the right person faster and easier... but remember love happens when your not looking for it.... Which actually makes sense....
Think about it people say your true love is your missing piece and isn't it true that when you're looking for something (like your keys) the moment you stop looking for it, (stupid car keys! ha ha) you find it! (I'm not saying love is like your car keys or like finding your lost car keys because it's not... it's better obviously but same logic ha ha)
Well anyway keep your head up and always smile. Remeber to keep reading my blog (it'll get better ha ha) and tell your friends to check out my site and comment and follow me... but just not in a creepy stalker kind of way ha ha. XOXO
hugs and kisses to all my gorgeous people

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