Monday, August 20, 2012

Volume Three

hello beautiful people,
So sorry about not posting yesterday but I wasn't near a computer and posting on my phone takes forever... Well my mom had to take some vacation days from work and she hasn't been sleeping to well so she wanted me to stay home from school so she wouldn't have to wake up early and drive me to school. After we woke up and had breakfast she had the idea of going up to Big Bear. It was like an hour long drive of nothing but my ears popping and endless swerves on a cliff going up the mountain. It was interesting ha ha. When we finally got the Lake Big Bear we stopped by this restaurant to have lunch and talk about how much nicer it was to be around trees than in a smoggy concrete jungle. It was so much fun to drive around the lake and take pictures. We saw some weird birds and kept taking the scenic route everywhere...mostly cause my mom got lost but.. it was still a cool trip. However it did start to rain a little bit which was such a relief from the 100+ degree weather. We went to this nice cafe and had a capuccino and some sweet desserts and walked around downtown in a little old time shopping centre. Then we decided to go home.The entire trip back down the mountain... we used no gas... we probably damaged our brakes on that trip (whoops). We went down from 7030 feet elevation all the way to a little under 2000 feet elevation. our poor brakes were suffereing on the way down because of the steep slope and all the curves in the road. But we finally got back home and we were both exhausted and my mom pretty much went straight to bed after. Can't blame her but it was such a nice trip to take for just the two of us.
Well anyways... HOMECOMING is in 30 days for me!!!! Ahh! who do I take? ha ha just kidding we all know that if I could I would take my boyfriend but unfortunately Enzo isn't back from Bolivia yet and so he can't come and be my date. (pout) So instead I'm going to take my sexy Cuddles..... Nicki. I hope She can make it ha ha and in return I might be her date for homecoming at her school even though she has a boyfriend, David. He can hold our purses while we party ha ha just joking... a little... or am I (dramatic music) I am just joking though ha ha. Well hopefully I can go to my homecoming. I've never been to one before... When is your guys' homecoming? And are you taking a date or going with a group of friends or maybe are you going stag (by yourself) let me know in the commetns below. Also if you plan on going give me details like how much it is at your school or what kind of dress you want and other things like that. I'm excited to hear from you all!
Well that's all for this post but to make up for the few days I didnt post last week I'll post again later on today.
As always SMILE and have a great day see you all in a few hours. comment, follow, enjoy and spread the word about my blog (much appreciated). love you all! XOXO! hugs and kisses

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