Thursday, August 23, 2012

Volume Seven

Hello cyber freaks!! O.o
Ya anyways. . . hope everybody had a weird Thursday. . . I have no idea what's with me today ha ha.
Anyways. . . I finally know what I'm doing for my first dance performance, and I have to go shopping to buy my outfit. I'm going to be doing a character role!!! Guess what my character is. . . I'm going to be (wait for it... ) a. . . NERD! Yay nerd power ha ha so I have to go out and buy some cute nerd clothes and steal some 3D glasses and use those as my glasses ha ha but SHH the theatres can't know!
The story behind the song is that we're in class and all of us girls are nerds and the one guy in the class is the bad boy greaser type and we all want to give him our number. The performance isn't until December but I'll definitely take a video and tons of pictures and upload them so you can all see it. I'm so excited about it!
In other news, guess what tomorrow is. . .Yes it's Friday but it's something else to. . . jeez try a lil harder guys. . .give up? I figured you wouldn't guess it. . .
IT'S MY BESTIES BIRTHDAY: DEAVEN RICKMAN!!! Hooray for him. He is one of the sweetest guys ever and he's my beaner, not yours. Mine, back off ha ha just kidding but he is a super sweet guy. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said that he just wanted to see me again (I told you he was sweet)I can't let a friend down on their birthday so I have to go down to Menifee this weekend and meet up with him and my old group of buddies too. Gonna be a great time no matter what we do and of course I'll take pictures of the birthday boy and all our mischief.
Enzo's finally over his homesickness. I ws starting to get really worried about that. This last time was the longest of them all. Poor kid. . . Even though he's older than me, kid yay ha ha. I can't wait for October. He'll be back in the states and it'll be our anniversary. Which reminds me let me know what you guys think of that song I showed you a few posts back.
Well that's all for today's post but to get everyone in a good mood at the end of the day, here's a happy song from a foreign group that I absolutely love and am addicted to. Check 'em out

Love the video. Look at all the gorgeous buildings and all the picture perfect moments these two lovely girls have. LOVE IT!! Get addicted to their songs: BOY
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